We can’t thank Dr. Cline enough for helping us understand what is happening to us during our workouts and understanding how important knowing what our biomarkers indicate.

We had a great time comparing and contrasting “TF”.  Below are the the tests we reviewed and the levels Dr. Cline finds in the ideal range.

More information about Dr. Cline and her services can be found HERE.



CBC- checks red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin and size of red

blood cells.

RBC- (4.0-6.0)

WBC- (4.0-11.0)


BUN- indicates protein in diet (6-25)

LDH- enzymes that can spill from overtraining, or poor muscle adaptation


Cholesterol – less than 200

Triglycerides- should be equivalent to your HDL’s

HDL- greater than 45

TG:HDL ration should be 1:1- excess TG’s indicates that you are eating too

many carbs!

CRP- inflammation marker

CRP- <8

CREATINE KINASE- indicates muscle adaption, overtraining, poor oxygen utilization

CK- (32-294)

THYROID- manages metabolism, can get depleted from endurance training

TSH- <1.5

T3- >3.6

CORTISOL- stress marker, produced by the adrenal glands. Depleted in endurance


Cortisol- check level in morning, 16-18

TESTOSTERONE- muscle growth, strength and stamina

Men- 250-1100

Women- 10-50

DHEA- muscle growth strength and stamina

MEN- 300-600

WOMEN- 100-200

IGF- measures growth hormone


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